Just like last year and the year before, the meet was organised. This is slowly becoming a tradition and it`s good to see that more and more people are attending.

This year head-count was close to a hundred. I said close, since 20+ bloggers attended the meet. Here is the (almost) complete guest list (alphabetically):

Ales (A little blog for the restless mind)
Anja (My “beautiful” mind)
Baya (Bayaland)
Beebee (My so-called blog)
Brian King (Pogovor)
Bojana (Con brio)
Crni (Slepo crevo)
Cookie (you`re here)
David (Bite my bytes)
Domen (Moji monologi)
Janez (no blog yet)
Jernej (Couloir bandit, and he showed up with his brother)
Marko (Riding the waves)
mAT (drinkers-blog)
Matej (matej.blog)
Mayhem (Mayhem in monsterland)
Robert (Clarity`s blog)
Tina (itn@)
Vrta (Vrta`s blog)
Živa (Počasni začetki)

If I left someone out, please let me know.

The award ceremony started and we soon realised that almost nobody from the winners showed up. Setting Cookie, Beebee aside, everyone who won an award steered clear of the ceremony. We sent Brumec his award via some friends and the rest of the awards were put away for safe keeping so that the authors could claimed them later. Or so we thought…

The ceremony ended with a fireworks barrage, which was slightly unpleasant since we were in the closed space with a low ceiling but what the hell, right?

The sitting arrangement was somewhat unfortunate, we should really reconsider the location for next year (oh yes, there is going to be next year. And the year after that and…) but I still managed to talk to mAT, Brian, and others. It was fun.

Crni celebrity status remains undetermined, since I did not even know he was there (not entirely true, but he mostly chatted with David) and the real discovery of the evening was Brian from Pogovor.

Due to the fact that almost nobody from the award-winning blogs showed up made us reconsider the strategy of selecting the top blogs of the year. Next year we are going with random theory. Choosing three blogs and three posts out random. So everybody has a chance of winning. Si.blogs lottery!

The only downside as mentioned was the place which I found slightly unsuitable for such mass of people. We`ll be sure to remedy that next year.

The whole thing turned out to be a big sucess, people showing up and enjoying themselves and it`s the best guarantee one can have in hoping that I`ll see you all next year.

A shout to all the winners: You can find your award tags in this folder. Make sure you use the right one;)

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