Stop reading my blog!


Blogs are tricky. Expressing yourself and barring your thoughts and problems can backfire when some people do not agree with you and are expressing their thoughts and opinions. The most common response by the author: “If you do not like it, stop reading it!” or “Oh yeah? Look who`s talking!“.

The problem is of course in clashing two semi-functional opinions. Unlike Dragan, who was insulting and did not know what he was talking about, opinions of approximately equal worth should be treated with the same respect. Just because they are opposing something, does not mean they should be treated as something less. “Go some place else!” is not a solution. In fact, the second you are trying to convince someone who thinks differently to “step over to your side” you already lost. You started a competition and by starting it, you lost it at the same time. And that it something people are not aware of.

Alex Tocquevile has a great theory about the tyranny of the majority. Combined with Noelle Neumann`s spiral of silence you get the main reason why people are so afraid of expressing their opposing opinions and the comments are full of words like “Great post!”, “I agree!” and others.

No wonder some people think blogs are a joke.


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  1. Lilit

    Je veliko nacinov, s katerimi lahko poves, da ti nek blog ni vsec.
    Nacin “tvoj blog mi ni vsec” je 100 svetlobnih let oddaljen od “izbrisi svoj blog, ker mi ni vsec”.
    Live and let live, oziroma write and let write. Ce ti kaj ni vsec, bo konstruktivna kritika bolj zalegla.

  2. Dragan

    Dear Mr, Savich, I’ve actually stopped to read your blog not because you blocked me, but because I found it was boring. Your bullheaded & semi-fascist opinions (for example: your called ‘music assholes’) made me turn away, I see no use to oppose or to comment ‘opinions’ like that.

    Speaking of our blog-issue: I didn’t insult anyone, and if I did that one should raise his voice. I was only giving you a critic feedback, whic you probably had for the foirst time in your life. You never replied to that topic, and with your current comment I see this issue is still warm and open…


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