This is our minister of Public administration. And in my opinion, he is a fucking moron. Now, let me just say that I have no idea how to run the ministry of public administration. I have no professional knowledge of the subject and I am completely IGNORANT of his expertise. However, there are some things that I do notice, solely because I have a working brain.

I just spent twenty minutes watching a debate on TV and I must say the opposing team is (probably still, since the show lasts for an hour) kicking the shit out of him. His gestures are weird (he looks like he is having a seisure), his arguments are nothing less than a PR recording and sometimes it seems that he has no idea what is he saying. It`s like he`s not running his own show at all!

The whole thing would not be half as disturbing if this would not be the man who runs the entire ministry! and is making drastic changes in the existing system. And yes, he is the same man I bitched about a while back, when he made oh-such an impression with his lame lecture.

Why am I posting this common knowledge? So that in two years, you`ll know who to vote.

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