Let`s see what the Duke has to offer. I am talking of course about the WordPress 2.0 codename Duke.First off, thanks to Maq who did the upgrade. Yes, despite the fact that I have a lecture about blogs I am as illiterate as George Bush Jr. when it comes to software installation.

The admin panel is altered. The colors are different, plus there`s more menus and options to choose from and they are all conveniently situated to your right. They also coppied the Blogger feature of bold, italic and ordered or unordered list. You can even edit the HTML source.

Bastards hacked your server? The blog is gone? All of your hard-work has been done for nothing cause the backuping was too much of a pain? Not any more! An export plugin is available to help you export your wordpress posts with a single click (technically you have to enable it first (click one) and then export it (click two)) but it still beats the old-fashioned way.

Uploading files is now done through the upload applet. No more using flashfxp and then entering the link. You can do all that simultaneously.

They cancelled the link to Dictionary.com, which helped you verify the spelling. I browsed around a little but I could not find anything similar. If anybody knows the way to somehow activate this feature, I`d be much oblidged.

The theme selecting is much easier as the preview is provided for every theme you currently have in your “Themes” directory.

So far, these are the main changes I spotted. I am sure there`s tons of stuff I did not notice (and probably never will) but these are the changes they poked my eyes the most.

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