Isn`t that basically the same thing?


Minister za zdravje je hotel odločitev Vzajemne o preoblikovanju v delniško družbo zamrzniti po hitrem postopku, a je predlog začasno postavil na led.

The minister of health department wanted to freeze the decision but he decided to put the suggestion on ice for a while.


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  1. ill-advised

    I think you probably misinterpret the original sentence. My understanding is this: the minister wanted to freeze the Vzajemna’s decision quickly. However, he then decided to put this suggestion (namely his own suggestion to freeze the decision quickly) on ice for a while. That is, he won’t try to freeze the decision quickly and will use a slower procedure instead. I agree, however, that mixing all these glacial metaphors in one sentence is somewhat unfortunate.

  2. Domen

    That was my point. Metaphors are an art, not something you can whip out any way you like. *enter rant about slovenian journalism going down the tubes*


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