We are going to send 4 soldier to Iraq. No, not 4,000. No, not even 400. 4. One, two, three, four. Think of it as a family with 2,5 kids. Yep. 4.

Setting the general issue of Iraq aside, I am still amazed by this puny number. Why not at least ten for crying out loud? Why 4??? It`s like they had to come up with something and 4 was the number our Karl (please, say it like you cannot pronnounce the R) came up with. What, he can`t count to five?

Other parties are protesting that the whole thing does not make any sense. Seriously, when everybody else are running away from the biggest disaster since the last war americans have been involved, we are goin in! With four guys! What, are they trying to make a movie out of it? Saving private Jackass?

This whole “let`s do something just for the sake of it” creeps me out. When will they learn?

May they come back quick, safe and sound. With all their limbs attached to the right places.

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