OK. I am listening…


Go on. Tell me why are you still visiting this semi-fascist blog. And out of everyone who comments, I`ll pick a winner who will get a CD of their choice. Or a dinner with the author of this blog. Your choice.


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  1. Jure

    Because otherwise it would be hard to follow your sudden ideas since they would be taken out of the context. But with this handy thingie you call blog it is easier for me to understand what you are pondering at that moment.

  2. Mitja

    Good question. And an even better one: why do I read any blogs at all? I suppose because they let me peek into other people’s minds, something that is difficult to do in real life unless you know someone very well (and getting to know people very well doesn’t come easy to me). Most people are rather boring of course, but some aren’t and the percetnage of those among bloggers is above average. And why your blog in particular? Well, it looks like you are one of those that are not boring. In addition, I’ve just started exploring the Slovenian blogosphere (haven’t decided yet if I like this term) and you seem to be one of the more established Slovenian bloggers, so you ought to be included in the survey.

  3. mAT

    I just read it, cause it is there… I mean, if cookie never started the blog I wouldn’t be reading it, cause there wouldn’t be anything called the L files. Or just think what would it be if he was from somewhere else and was writing in something incomprehensible… the I guess I wouldn’t be reading it…
    But luckily he has a blog with xtremely cured spelling and grammar 😛
    It is also somehow intereseting…and I also read it, cause I have nothing else to do, since I limit my blog at 1 post per day…

  4. ursa

    It’s not about you. It’s about me. That’s the simple truth. It is all about me.

    When I read, I read to understand. Firstly, to understand what you’re saying. Secondly, to understand why I feel about what you said the way I feel about what you said. I’m not a touchy feely person. I hate to fight but I like to disagree. And I enjoy being rubbed up the wrong way. And I especially like it when the person rubbing me up (eh …) is armed with wits instead of flames. This blog thing (or pretty much any blog thing) isn’t much of a playground for discussion, but it’s a perfect place to mine for words and emotions hidden in me. One never feels rage if one is never angered. And one needs to feel rage to know onself.

    Basically (and epically put), you’re one of those giving me weapons to fight tomorrows, giving me words to fight silence and giving me insight into what goes on outside of my comfort zone. I can’t get that from people who never go beyond agreeing to agreeing. So I happily disagree. Silently perhaps, but a lesson is learned nevertheless.

    Besides – I always suspected what Živa said 🙂

  5. lemuel

    I dont know, it could be…

    a) I am waiting for you to drop the prefix “semi-“.
    b) I want to win a CD
    c) I am returning the favour
    d) It is still interesting.


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