Yeah. Thanks to Bigwhale I spotted a new breed of bloggers on the go. Every once in a while I have the urge to grab a camera and follow one of those pink blobs around. What do they do? Where do they go? Do they change after they get home or their pink uniform stays on no matter what? These blogs offer us the complete and unobscured view of that. Let`s name some of the obvious characteristics:

1. Name of the blogger almost always ends with a Y. Which is absurd. What is wrong with an I? Does Y sound more fancy?
2. They are highly egoistical and egocentrical.
3. Most of them signs their own posts (wtf).
4. Most of them post cosmo-photos which seem to exemplify the text of the post.
5. Most of them own some kind of pet and are involved in a relationship
6. Most of them think they are deep and profound and then still post stuff like -> (Slikice so razporejene kronološko (LOL), se pravi so nalepljene tako kot so si sledili dogodki!)
7. They are forming a well-connected group.
8. Point of origin for all of them seems to be the Cosmopolitan forum.

Did I miss anything?

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