Dear Mr, Savich, I’ve actually stopped to read your blog not because you blocked me, but because I found it was boring. Your bullheaded & semi-fascist opinions (for example: your called ‘music assholes’) made me turn away, I see no use to oppose or to comment ‘opinions’ like that.

Speaking of our blog-issue: I didn’t insult anyone, and if I did that one should raise his voice. I was only giving you a critic feedback, whic you probably had for the foirst time in your life. You never replied to that topic, and with your current comment I see this issue is still warm and open… said Dragan on the 13th of January.

The thing that bothers me the most is how to deal with the loss of the so-called “only critic” on the whole blog. Should the L files weep? Rejoice? Should the L files be brought down because of their semi-fascist opinions? Or should the whole thing be ignored, swept under a rug like nothing happened and continue their semi-fascist regime?

What exactly is “the use of opposing or commenting“? What exactly do we try to achieve with our comments on other people`s blogs? Do we really try to convince them it is better for them to delete the whole thing? Do we really think that the authors are going to take our comments into their account, to somehow change their ways? Or is commenting more a way to express our own point of view, to somehow add our two cents to subjects that bother, worry or amuse us? Why the hell do we even bother? And if we push the thing a little further…why do we even read the blogs we read? Is it because we are amused, is it because we want to learn or simply because we want to hold a conviction that we are better than the others?

Dragan seems to think that he devirginized me in terms of criticism. That he bursted my bubble of self-indulgence and that because of that, he was banned from my blog. Far from it. If anything, critics made me (for a lack of a less dramatic phrase) into the man I am today. From everybody. Anybody. Listen, evaluate, adopt or dismiss. The three key steps. Dragan appears to have a slightly different three-step program. It`s listen, evaluate, roll over and die. Somehow, I disagree. Rolling over and dying was never part of my plan. No matter what.

I think I`ll go with being indifferent this time around. Like Brumec said “This blog will remain the same, whatever it might happen“. I tend to agree. If you are doing something to please the critics, you might as well stop doing that. Because doing something for the sole pleasure of others is a completely useless deed.

As for music assholes…I still think that people lack the education needed in such cases. My opinion remains unchanged. Go deal with it.

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