I first heard of Rob Zombie on the Matrix soundtrack. His song, Dragula, was not the best song on the whole compilation (Rob Dougan still holds that title) but it did have a very, very recognizable sound. You could hear his songs on the soundtrack of “End of days”, “The Scorpion King”, “Mission: Impossible 2” and so forth, each time with a very recognizable sound. It`s like a pack of pitbulls are attacking a kid. Fast, brutal and pointless.

What is there to expect, when a person like Rob Zombie decides to write and direct a movie? A horror movie of course? Well, the two movies in question, The House of 1,000 corpses and its successor The Devil`s rejects are just like his music. Fast, brutal and pointless.

It`s starts off with a well-known scene. Some innocent people lost, a bad house (filled with 1,000 corpses) and a vengeful trio, wreaking mayhem and havoc. The movies are fast and do not dwell on details. Blood is all-present and goes hand in hand with the storyline.

The storyline? Contrary to most horror movies who try to be as complicated as Hamlet and MacBeth sewed together, Rob decides to keep it simple. And insted of a story, decides to dedicate his time and talent to the details and perfection of the visualisation. Yes…it spells lots of blood. Gory details. And at the same time, it means that everything is right where it should be. Down to the last body part.

It kind of reminded me of a mixture between “House of Wax” and “Natural born killers“. But NBK comes to mind whenever you see a road-movie that depicts some butchers travelling around.

Why see this movie? Do not go see it if you are expecting something of a deep, profound movie where in the end, you will be endowed with the eternal wisdom and grace. Do not go see it if you are expecting beautiful people walking around, having meaningful conversations about meaningful and important stuff. However, if you are looking for a double-dose of funky camera, excellent music and a scene where a maid is run over by a truck, leaving splatter all over the tarmac…you should see them. Now!

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