At first I did not want to. This is something I just do not do normally, especially with similar circumstances. But I`ll make an exception.

What the hell are you talking about?!” the audience of one screams. I`ll get there, in a moment. First, I want you to go over to Kisla Glista for the introduction.

Back? Good.

This type of behaviour is typical for the young adult generation of today. By young adults let`s say people who were born in the span from `75 to `79. It`s seen in other age categories as well, but you have to have a focus group. The behaviour I am talking about can be simplified into one sentence. Here it is. “I will do exactly the opposite thing that my parents did to me when I was a kid“. Sounds familiar right? It`s the mantra known all over the world, a curse muttered under thousand breaths and it`s the motto of the today`s world. Old is bad, new is good. We are the new.

This somewhat vague introduction gets us to the main question of the evening. Does difference of opinion necessarily needs to be taken into the account? Does this makes us a better person? And is ignoring or rejecting someone`s opinion necessarily a bad, retarted thing to do?

Most of the young adults of our age claim that ignoring a differing opinion is due to the bubble we/they live in. We cannot stand being criticised, so we ignore. We cannot stand being corrected, so we delete. We cannot stand being proved wrong, so we shift.

The main thing is that the general opinion right now is that all opinions are alike. That everybody should let everybody talk and that there should be no censorship, expressing yourself is the main theme of today`s soundtrack, yadda, yadda, yadda. Naturally, ignoring someone is frowned upon in today`s society. Putting a gag in someone`s mouth is frowned upon. We saw how Yahoo stocks plummeted when it was discovered that Yahoo cooperated with the Chinese government on the case of some dissidents. But is that really ALWAYS the case? Is freedom of speech always really about THAT? Or are there cases where some opinions are trivial (or simply irrelevant) compared to others?

When we were trying to act adult as kids and our parents told us to be quiet because we a) did not make much sense b) embarassed them by revealing something true yet not for the public ear or c) a weird cocktail of the first two options, we felt offended. We felt pushed away. We felt we`ve been mistreated. We never look back on those occasions, do we? We never go back in time, with our current mindset and we never really analyse what did go down that day? And were we really that mistreated?

An irrational decision can be just as good as a rational one. Feelings and emotions are not something that we should be afraid of and something that should be lower than the rational part. In our society, reason gets too much publicity for no good reason. Everything is better if it`s reasonable, if it stands to reason and if we got reasons to back the action up with. Well, in my opinion, that`s just plain stupid. Why? No reason 😉 You see? How that irritates you? How it lessens the meaning of the statement? And because of what? Because I did not quote the reason for thinking that? Proving something does not make it true. And unable to prove something does not make it false either. People tend to forget that. And reason gets the higher chair.

And another thing about expressing ourselves. Ignoring someone is also a form of expression. Telling someone to fuck off is not a “lesser” mean of communicating. And not every decision improves after a discussion. So the next time you feel like you`ve been mistreated, the next time a semi-fascist tells you to get the fuck out of his country, remember this. And know that despite the fact that every coin has two sides, there are different numbers on each coin. And some are worth more than others. Simple as that.

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