This is another one for the books. You know, under “Silly” section.

Let`s scroll back a little. Three guys tortured and mauled 40+ cats. They were caught and the people quickly organised against them, suing them for “causing death and pain for over fourty cats“.

Yes. That is correct. Cats.

In this great country of ours, where everything else is just peachy and there are not any real criminals, we go after the cat killers. It`s so absurd the person would not know either to laugh or cry.

At first they were acquitted of all charges but then after the appeal from the prosecution they were sentenced with public service. And now, they are suing back. For moral pain and suffering. Like any person would.

The “funny” (if you want to call it that) thing are the comments of the people. Seriously, some of them lost the simple touch with reality. The best of them are from the people who are equalizing human life with the life of a cat. Come fucking on! What, every time I run over a cat, I do involuntary cat slaughter?

Here`s one…

Me prav zanima, kako bi sodila komu, ki bi njenemu pudlju ali otroku prerezal trebušček in ga živega privezal z njegovimi črevi na plot.

Disturbing? A poodle OR a baby? Sheesh lady…go check your brain. This personification of animals has gone too far in our society. Personally, I think all of the 126 people (and counting) who left a comment on the page, siding with the cats ought to have their heads examined. Killing a man over 42 cats does not seem reasonable. No matter how much alcohol runs through your veins and feeds your demented mind.

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