When two ideologies clash, the one with the bigger number of crazy people will survive” – Cookie, 2006

Sophie Scholl was crazy. I don`t know how else to call her, knowing the things she did. During second world war, when the end for the german reich was approaching and approaching fast she with the help of her friends decided to start a mini-revolution. She decided to help shorten the war effor by influencing the public opinion, telling them “the other” side of the truth that was being emitted on the radio waves.

She was living in Munich and was a graduate nurse. Her boyfriend was fighting on the east front and the chances of seeing him were getting slimmer and slimmer as the Russians were winning the battle of Stalingrad. Sophie and her brother, along with some friends decided it was high time the public back home knows of these loses and so they started printing leaflets filled with anti-war propaganda. They scattered them all over the University of Munich…and were caught doing so. They were incarcerated, trialed and decapitated the next day. The whole trial lasted under an hour.

The movie has its flaws. Number one, it is trying to say too much in too little of time and therefor has to omit certain things. The whole thing therefor feels too fast or that is lacking details. The viewer does not get the implications nor the size of the “White rose” group nor does it get the full scale of the stunts they pulled before they were finally captured and killed.

Still, it`s not all bad and you should find the whole experience quite satisfying. The acting is great, especially on the nervous, stressed out, pompous nazi part (I could not find the names of all the actors, but the one who plays the judge is phenomenal!) who are trying everything to save the failing empire.

The music is phenomenal, camera-work uses some nifty tricks in depicting the war-riddled Austria and the whole thing manages to avoid the mayor stereotyping and showing only one-dimensional characters, the bad nazis and the good fighters against evil. They are all humans, caught in the turmoil of war. Fighting for the opposite sides.

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