This thing brought a smile to my face. It does say 153 comments, but they are gone. To meet their commenting maker. The same happend here, with an article about a pedophile priest and people are outraged. Rightfully. The country`s biggest newspaper is denying them the right to express their opinions. Which is something China is doing. But on the other hand…is enabeling the right to comment really a right or a privilege? Does it come automatically or do we have to earn it? The latter option seems a little weird, since “earning the right” is soon connected with “the right kind” of comments. The right kind? Well, even comments have their own standards. And maybe some (or many) of you won`t agree but the democracy and freedom of speech does not necessarily mean “anything goes”. And disabling comments where most people are discussing the angle under which the pikes would go into the bastards who killed those cats are really not adding anything meaningful to the whole debate.

But disabling the comments all-together? Should not a group of journalists examine each and every comment in search for a shred of meaningfulness? Which would be even more alarming if they actually did so and found not a single ounce of meaning. Is weeding out the opinions really better than shutting the whole thing down? If all opinions are equal, does not that mean that they all have the equal right to be expressed or to be banned? What`s your take on the matter?

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