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Situated to your right, between “pages” and “polls” you can find and download mp3s of my lecturing/heckling. First up is the lecture I did in Maribor 2005, and hopefully many will follow.


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  1. sv3der

    I hope you won´t throw me out from comments or even your blog ´couse of this little critique.

    I´ve listened to your lecture. I find it quite interesting, well, I think you could/should focus more on social aspects of blogging. what I´ve missed were maybe more, for instance, examples how certain blogs or maybe writting blog influences on someone and peut-etre little more about slovenian blogscene (I know it´s very small, but nevertheless it probably has certain characteristics which the bigger ones don´t have, is our scene for instance unique in that smallnes or any other aspect, …).

    I liked the lecture despite bad disturbing sound from the back. and one more. please, when you speak formally, please do address people fully formally. not like hvala ker ste vprašalA, but like hvala ker ste vprašalI. it sounds … churlishly (hope it´s the right word – kmetavzarsko)

    well, that´s it. I said it. keep going, I hope I will soon download another lecture or article from you.


  2. domen

    Hey sv3!

    Thanks for the critic. I do agree with it and let me just say that the lecture is constantly evolving. The maribor session was the fourth I did and it changed a lot from the original one.

    The problem I am having is time. Namely, if I want to keep the whole thing under two hours, I have to cut corners. So it`s always a tough decision, what to omit or what to emphasise.

    The point of the lecture is to give the audience a broader view on the subject and maybe later, I`ll rewrite it or do a whole new lecture all together, where I will omit history, software, development and progress and focus, as you said, solely on the social aspects.

    As for further lectures, I am sure there`ll be more to come…maybe as soon as in the next month.


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