Since Matjaz already wrote about a similar subject, let me add my two cents in says that punlic figures really do not know how to talk. Especially the ones that were elected to their post. Take our current mayor for example. She worked as a journalist for many years and one would think that she would recognize the bullshit the politicians are usually selling and stop selling it herself. Instead, she dives right in.

On yesterday`s news, she was being interviewed because of god-knows-what and she uttered the next oscar-winning phrase: “I can assure you that during that time, the procedures stood completely still“. Makes you wonder, just how lively are these procedures. And just how they had to work to keep them COMPLETELY still. And what do procedures do when they are NOT COMPLETELY still.

I spoke about this adjective hoarding before and this is just another example of the same practice. The way people think they sound smarter if they pronounce long words with a whole set of adjectives which really don`t mean anything. What the authors of such sentences are saying “You stoopid, I smart.”

But hey, it goes on. The mayor just bought a new protocol car. And not just any car. A BMW 530 IX. Classy indeed. While the head of the protocol states that there are no rules which state which car should be the protocol car, I can only wonder how well does this car, rated at 12.000.000 tollars (approx. 50.000 euros) go with the last paragrah that can be found here. The paragraph states that

She is granted with extreme sense of sensiblity and never refuses her help to others. Being a mother of two and living in Fužine, she knows the burdens and problems which pester many families all over Slovenia.

Yeah…I mean seriously…what if the car won`t fit in the garage? These are serious problems folks! What if a bird shits on a wind-shield?? OMFG!!! Major disaster!

With every move like that, she is literally spitting in the faces of people. Who voted for her. And will not vote for her again. It`s not cause she bought a car. It`s cause she`s fucking retarded and treats people like complete idiots. A major mayor`s fault

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