Month: January 2006


It is happening. Situated to your right, between “pages” and “polls” you can find and download mp3s of my lecturing/heckling. First up is the lecture I did in Maribor 2005, and hopefully many will follow. Enjoy! p.s. link fixed.

The art of commenting

This thing brought a smile to my face. It does say 153 comments, but they are gone. To meet their commenting maker. The same happend here, with an article about a pedophile priest and people are outraged. Rightfully. The country`s biggest newspaper is denying them the right to express their […]

Cats, our way

This is another one for the books. You know, under “Silly” section. Let`s scroll back a little. Three guys tortured and mauled 40+ cats. They were caught and the people quickly organised against them, suing them for “causing death and pain for over fourty cats“. Yes. That is correct. Cats. […]

Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage

“When two ideologies clash, the one with the bigger number of crazy people will survive” – Cookie, 2006 Sophie Scholl was crazy. I don`t know how else to call her, knowing the things she did. During second world war, when the end for the german reich was approaching and approaching […]

Tune in!

For all your (bitching) needs… SEMI-FASCIST TALKS BLOGS! ON ARS AT 14:00 Tune in!