Month: January 2006

I love the smell of burning silicon-e in the morning…

No, I did not iron my fake boobs and they caught on fire. For your information, that material is called siLLicon. No, the burning silicon I am referring to is inside the computer. You know…chips and stuff. Apparently, it`s not a good thing if the fan stops working and there`s […]

OK…I`ll bite…

At first I did not want to. This is something I just do not do normally, especially with similar circumstances. But I`ll make an exception. “What the hell are you talking about?!” the audience of one screams. I`ll get there, in a moment. First, I want you to go over […]

House of 1,000 corpses, part 1&2

I first heard of Rob Zombie on the Matrix soundtrack. His song, Dragula, was not the best song on the whole compilation (Rob Dougan still holds that title) but it did have a very, very recognizable sound. You could hear his songs on the soundtrack of “End of days”, “The […]

I`ll help you stop, Dragan.

Seriously. You can get yourself another blog on blogger (or anywhere else) titled “Dragan is the king” and you can jerk off there as much as you like. As for The L Files (note there is no -), you are through. Kindly fuck off. Hail Musocookie! – Semi fascist

The new pink race

Yeah. Thanks to Bigwhale I spotted a new breed of bloggers on the go. Every once in a while I have the urge to grab a camera and follow one of those pink blobs around. What do they do? Where do they go? Do they change after they get home […]

OK. I am listening…

Go on. Tell me why are you still visiting this semi-fascist blog. And out of everyone who comments, I`ll pick a winner who will get a CD of their choice. Or a dinner with the author of this blog. Your choice.

We just lost a reader. Let us a-mourn…

Dear Mr, Savich, I’ve actually stopped to read your blog not because you blocked me, but because I found it was boring. Your bullheaded & semi-fascist opinions (for example: your called ‘music assholes’) made me turn away, I see no use to oppose or to comment ‘opinions’ like that. Speaking […]

Query on!

facts about me greek pussy pussy movie cock lord of the pussies barbarian pussy strange pussies wallace&gromit theme tune roger cock file * lyrics tako mlada the mission song john le carre naked cock beauty and the cock i stood back and i hiccupped and i looked back on my […]