Month: January 2006

It`s on!

It`s on!

Friday, 06.01.2006 Pizzeria Foculus 19h Be there! !!!DISCLAIMER:!!! Necessary email confirmation before the event. Enroll here.

I won!

According to the top si.blogs of 2005 site I came third in the “most clicks on si.blogs site” category. What that means in a fewer words is that I rock. Hard. Seeing how No pasaran! blog had to publish nude photos to win first place and My so-called blog came […]

Wallace&Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

You can hear the theme music, can you? The two guys (well, a guy and a dog) are at it again. This time they are running the pest-control service and are trying to brain-wash the poor vermin of its instincts. The thing backfires and this is where the plot description […]

The hype of new year`s eve

“I don`t feel anything!” said Baya. I quickly checked to see if all her limbs were still attached and that she was physically all right (with all the fireworks going off around us you can never be too sure, right?) and when I saw that her body was in order, […]

Dinner and a show

Despite the weather that was changing from a pissy weather front to a icy cold sleet. Despite the fact that I took my sis ticket for the bus (and later found mine in the back of mine pants) and despite the fact that we did not see the fireworks and […]