In that case…can anyone offer any good links? Beside wikipedia?

TV – brain(dead) food?

27.02.2006  •  Osebno3

Recently, I`ve been having some issues regarding the work I do for the national television. Is television really for the mentally challenged audience, where everything has to be dumbed down and explained in VERY BIG AND FRIENDLY letters. Which is something I disagree with completely. You see, my stance on journalism is that it motivates

Recently, I`ve been involved in a (heated) debate over e-democracy. You know, just for the sake of it. The forum that has two more members (yeah I know…crowded, isn`t it?) has a very low tolerance level for my (provoking?) questions. There`s a couple of things that I won`t even understand. Why does it matter if

While I was waiting at the bus station for Baya to go off work I thought about buying her a doughnut. There was a large queue at the cash-register and the clerk was arguing with some kids who wanted to buy alcohol. She said they looked under-aged (and they were short) and that she would

is a theater play that deals with different aspects of a woman`s life. The men are non-existent in this play, a mere biological/reproduction initiator or some voice on the telephone. The women are in charge and the play depicts them in different life stages. The three actresses, Bernarda Oman, Karin Komljanec and Jette Ostan Vejrup

Cultural imperialism

22.02.2006  •  Osebno9

You all know her. You do not know who she is, but you saw her around the block. Maybe more than just one time. To tell you the truth, I think this photo is disgusting. And you can shout all you want about how this is the first woman who took off the burkha in

*a professor is walking down the hall, passing some students on the way* S(tudents): Hello! P(rofessor): Hello! *professor moves on* S no.1 : Oh shit…I don`t have to say hello to him anymore. I already passed his exam!