Another one of those subject which splits the world in half. Both equally blinded by some ideals they are shouting and throwing stuff at each other.

Some denmark newspaper published caricatures of the Mohammed and the muslims went beserk. Rightfully. Making a joke out of a religion is serious.

The published caricatures went around the globe and were soon published in France, Italy and other European countries, editors claiming they are “only” doing their job and that we, the europeans (sheesh) know something we call freedom of speech.

First of all, any asshole who is claiming this has anything to do with the freedom of speech should have their heads examined. I know all about Strelnikoff and their Madonna with the rat but quickly, can anyone name ONE important difference between those two? Anyone?

Strelnikoff is an artistic musical group. Newspapers are…not. Second, I would like to see the newspaper who tries a similar stunt with our beloved JC (the closest was to my knowledge Mladina, who published the same cover on one of their covers). First let`s think of some possible caricatures that reflect our great Catholic religion.

  • JC having sex with a kid
  • JC having sex with another man
  • JC stuffing an aborted fetus back into the womb

Now let us think of a possible reaction by our beloved catholics. Will they be cool and turn the other cheek? Would they chuck it down to “suffer on this side, enjoy on the next” or would they fucking riot and burn down the printing house?

Freedom of speech? You want to talk about freedom of speech? Let me quote the journalistic code of Slovenian journalists.

Paragraph 23 says:

Novinar se mora izogibati rasnim, spolnim, starostnim, verskim, etničnim in geografskim stereotipom in stereotipom, povezanim s spolnimi nagnjenji, invalidnostjo, fizičnim videzom in socialnim položajem. Diskriminacija zaradi spola, pripadnosti etnični, verski, socialni ali narodni skupnosti, žalitev verskih čustev in običajev ter netenje mednacionalnih trenj niso dopustni.

Since our code is based on the International code of Journalists I would expect every country to have something similar written in their code. And no freedom of speech wins over offending someone`s religion. Not here, not anywhere. No matter who`s your god.

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