Journalism as the beacon of truth. As the knights of the order of (educational) light. Movies like “All the president`s men”, “El Salvador”, “Pelican brief” and “Killing fields”. And now…Good luck and good night.

Filmed in black and white technic, it goes back in time to show us the America in the fifties, when senator McCarthy went on his commie witch hunt. Edward R. Murrow, played brilliantly by David Strathairn, is trying to put an end to the witch hunt non-sense by openly criticising and attacking senator`s way of conducting politics.

The movie draws almost a documentary face, as senator McCarthy is shown through a series of real clips, while everything else is played by actors. It basically tells a story of a rebellion and eventual victory, as the senator McCarty is being investigated by the Senate. It shows very clearly the situation that resembles to the Sophie Scholl ambient, since nobody wants to step up and take the initiative.

The actors are great and the soundtrack is beautiful. The movie is very good at showing the working environment of the TV journalists of that time, when television was on the rise and radio and newspapers still ruled the planet.

Avoid it if you are looking for a dynamic movie, full of action. See it twice if you are interested in the part of a history and would like to know why is there a code of journalism.

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