The definition of a subculture:

A social group with shared characteristics that distinguish it in some way from the larger cultural group or society in which it is embedded. Generally, a subculture is distinguished either by a unifying set of ideas and/or practices (such as the corporate culture or the drug culture) or by some demographic characteristic (such as the adolescent culture or the culture of poverty). (source: Online learning center).

In my opinion, associating bloggers and the entire blogosphere and labeling us as a subculture, is wrong. In fact, I would says that blogosphere is anything but a subculture. Subculture has a certrain “all blogs are the same” and “blogger can be identified through these characteristics” which is wrong and shows how bent the perception of the internet as a media is.

Of course, nobody said that you can`t have subcultures within the blogosphere nor that certain blog-rings do posses some characteristics that would label them as a subculture. It`s just that defining the whole world wide blogosphere as a subculture is a bit silly. If the whole blogosphere is the sub-culture, where`s the main stream? The mass media?

I think the main reason for people (journalists etc…) are tossing all blogs into the same basket is because they are seeing them through stereotypes. And are perceiving the internet as a “geek tool for geeky jobs“, missing the main point all together. Internet is just a tool. Do all people who use condoms belong to the same subculture then as well?

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