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“Danski časopis Jyllands-Posten, v katerem so najprej objavili karikature preroka Mohameda, je pred tremi leti zavrnil objavo karikatur Jezusa Kristusa.V razvpitem časopisu so takrat presodili, da bi z njimi lahko razžalili čustva bralcev.” (vir delo.si)

“The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten which recently published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed rejected publishing cartoons of Jesus Christ three years ago. The now notorious newspaper thought that publishing cartoons of Jesus Christ might offend the readers.” (source delo.si)


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  1. Tilen

    Lokalnih klerikov so se zbali. Malo bolj oddaljenih pa ne. 🙂

    Bi bilo veliko bolje, če bi tudi takrat objavili karikature. Bi lahko danes rekli: “Sej smo se na račun Kristusa tudi pohecali”.

  2. sv3der

    I think it is quite sad everything about this mohamed and caricatures. moslems responded as we could expect. you don´t need to be a doctor of forign affairs that you can forsee their reactions. it was just a provocation, nothing else. but it is sad, that we are now censoring our news and even blogs (I think it wasn´t mistake that my two post gone).

  3. Blah

    Blah, blah, mohammed, blah jesus h. f. christ, virgin mary, blah, bloody mary, picture of this, picture of that, blah, blah, burn that embassy, behead that innocent passer-by, blah, blah… drop it already. 😛

  4. CRNI

    No. They are both business decisions of the newspaper company. They were free to decide on either issue. They chose differently. That’s freedom of speech. Read the original danish article explaining why they did the contest.

  5. Peter

    ”Our Islamic friends have aimed their arrows at yet another freedom in our Western World. Namely the right that we can call our sex toys what we want. The Ann Summers chain in the UK has a sex doll in its collection that happens to be called Mustafa. By coincidence this is also Muhammed’s gangsta name. Uproar, intifada, fatwa and whatever else these narrow-minded oppressed people can come up with just to get them some attention which they are clearly not getting from Muhammed himself, for he would surely say that his followers are taking things to the extreme and should stop seeing ghosts and calm the fuck down before a war is started over a Shag Doll called Mustafa. ”


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