It`s that time of the year. Again. I noticed that the problem of writing a blog for more than a year is that you are constantly faced with the same holidays and same things that happen every year. So one must be very resorceful in order not to copy-paste something he/she said exactly a year ago. If anybody is interested, this is my first 8th February entry.

This year I did no such thing. I stayed inside, learned some amazing stuff about communication theories (don`t ask) and basically behaved in a completely un-cultural way. As others walked the museums, attended concerts and plays, checked into the library, I sat on my ass, studying something I will probably need just for the exam. And nothing more.

This day of culture stuff disgusts me. Seriously, you need a special day? The government has to give you a friggin day off so that you could see a play or observe some art? What is this world coming to people (don`t answer that)?

I will not even begin to start debating about why are we celebrating Prešeren`s death and not his birthday (2.12.1800) – it`s simple folks. December has enough holidays as it is. February has none. Move the fuck on!

And what exactly is culture? Is there a special list of things you have to do? Like not fart when there are people around?

This agenda setting really is disturbing. Be cultural on the 8th. Be in love on the 14th. Be miserable on the 1st. Be ecstatic on the 31th. Where will it all end? Mood swings by the hour? Take a pill, act the way you feel like it and stop being such a hypocrit. Cause the day we started celebrating culture instead of practising it through-out the year, that same day culture lost its meaning.

And since I am ranting about this, let me just ask you. What the hell happened to the other poets and writers? What, we get to be cultural on just one day? Would not want to have too much culture, would you? God forbid we should treat Murn with the same respect. Or Cankar for that matter. Or Kette. Or Aškerc. Or Jurčič. No. We only celebrate the death of a drunken lawyer. What a fine nation we are. And cultural to boot.

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