Forgetting the phone


You are in a rush. You have an exam in an hour and you are nervous. You pack up your wallet, keys but you forget your phone. Your phone! You notice it when it`s already too late and so you are constantly followed by a shadow of unanswered calls. You think of all the people who are going to call you, trying to reach you only to find an endless dead-line tone. You are disorganised, constantly fumbling through your pockets to check the time only to be met with emptiness and a few threads of yarn.

You finally come home, hastily checking your phone in order to call back the people who have been calling you all day and you are faced with harsh truth. 0 unanswered calls. Crap. Nobody wants me. I want to die.


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  1. matej

    I know what you’re saying, brother…

    But hey: it’s much worse to get a message, counting the sloooow microseconds that last when the phone is streching its electronic intestines trying to display it and then you see it is NOT a kind word of support from a dedicated fan, it’s NOT a hot sigh from a yet-unknown lover-to-be, and it’s not a note from a friend inviting you to dinner next Saturday. It’s a ‘download free tone rings now’ promo FUCKING message!!


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