If you cannot beat them…


A: What? What???
*smashes down the phone*
A: Fuck this place! Everybody is out of on a coffee break!
A: I am going on a coffee break.

A: Kva? Kva????
*vrže dol slušalko*
A: Jemebti mater, vsi so zuni al pa na kofetu!
A: Nč, grem na kofe.


4 komentarjev na “If you cannot beat them…

  1. domen

    Jebemti matr cannot bi translated directly. “Fuck your mother” is not an “official” curse in the english language. The first best translation would be “Goddamit!” which signifies roughly the same level of annoyance. However, in the upper case I chose “fuck this place” since the person talking on the phone was clearly dissastisfied with the way the business is being run.

    What is your translation? 😉

  2. matej

    I can’t really offer a better translation, I just sort of had a hunch you had a systematic explanation and thought of nudging it out of you 🙂

    However, I would probably go for ‘fuck your mother’ – it’s not a curse word, true, but it carries the meaning through and it is sort of cute in a crooked way, appealing to the likes of me (and I dare say ‘you’, too).

  3. Blah

    Throw in “motherfucking” and it’ll suit the savag.. savi… erm… all beasts.
    “Fuck this motherfucking place (motherfucker)!”


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