The job


If you are getting your internet fix through the ISP there is a big chance I packed your bill this month.

You see, unlike SiOL which has a machine to do the packing, Volja does it manually. Which is still better than Ljudmila, where I had to hand-write the bills, but still presents quite a challenge. What prooved to be the toughest challenge was not the boring manual work which I am very good to tune out (with the help of Stephen Lynch and my twisted mind) but the constant blabbing by the co-workers.

I really cannot believe some people can go on for several hours about subjects unimportant like

  • shoes
  • boyfriends
  • things to do over the weekend

So you go into your cave and find your power-animal. It`s all about zen. Otherwise, packing 4,000 envelopes with bills and commercial for a new mobile phone provider would be quite a mental exercise.

Another one of those not-for-your-CV jobs. Still, as long as it brings money…


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  1. domen

    What I meant was discussing your boyfriend OR girlfriend with your friends or working buddies is not something I approve or even practice. This does not mean that Baya is not important to me or that I am hiding her from the world, it`s just means that discussing how she bought me a 25k sit worth pair of boots or how she never drinks when we go out since one of us has to be sober to drive the car is beyond me. And to do that for more than one hour is truly beyond me. And my preference of conversation topics.

    the examples are direct quotes heard yesterday and have no connection with my relationship with Baya.


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