If you are getting your internet fix through the Volja.net ISP there is a big chance I packed your bill this month.

You see, unlike SiOL which has a machine to do the packing, Volja does it manually. Which is still better than Ljudmila, where I had to hand-write the bills, but still presents quite a challenge. What prooved to be the toughest challenge was not the boring manual work which I am very good to tune out (with the help of Stephen Lynch and my twisted mind) but the constant blabbing by the co-workers.

I really cannot believe some people can go on for several hours about subjects unimportant like

  • shoes
  • boyfriends
  • things to do over the weekend

So you go into your cave and find your power-animal. It`s all about zen. Otherwise, packing 4,000 envelopes with bills and commercial for a new mobile phone provider would be quite a mental exercise.

Another one of those not-for-your-CV jobs. Still, as long as it brings money…

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