No, do not worry, I am not talking about kids. What I am talking about is another one of those bloggers you keep hearing about.

He signed a contract with [booming voice] THE L FILES [/booming voice] and since he managed to piss me off with his cultural remarks, I think he`ll do just fine.

The contract states that he will write 10 posts for [booming voice] THE L FILES [/booming voice] in which-ever language he chooses (I was rooting for bulgarian but you never know…) and then we shall either kick him off or get him an independent blog.

The category is “In his own words” for those of you who are sick of [booming voice] THE L FILES [/booming voice] original material and would like to read just posts by Tilen (a.k.a Him) and we are all eagerly awaiting for him to pop his own blog-virgin cherry.

That is all.

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