“Isolated room where you can scream”


The article about blogs (slovene only) was printed in saturday`s Dnevnik.


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  1. Michael M.

    I thought it was very nicely done. I was definitely expecting worse after reading your account of the interview many moons ago. Big up to Maja.

    Ljudje vedo, da za tradicionalnimi mediji stoji visoko specializirana produkcija informacij in interpretacij — Dr. Milosavljevic

    It’s funny, but I think a comment like that would draw laughter in the U.S., where journalists are held in very low regard. (In opinion polls, it usually goes: trial lawyers -> child molesters -> journalists -> Justin Timberlake fans)

    Also: It’s so odd to see a web page without links. I can’t think of any newspapers that still publish tech stories online without including links. Even the mega-conservative German paper FAZ includes links in its stories. (See here, for example.) The least they could have done would have been to link to The L Files, so that curious people could actually see it.

  2. domen

    Yeah, I do not agree with Marko either but he has a half of a point there. Blogs are still sporadic and most of the people does not have time to prowl the blogosphere in search of meaningful and accurate blogs. That is one of the problems, cause people just see three blogs (and if they are lucky, they see SMRKETA, MOJ KOTICEK and THE L FILES) and they go – this is just a bunch of kids goofing off. And I think that those are the blogs Marko had in mind when he made that statement. But yes, newspapers are not exactly beacons of truth and knowledge. Just look at the way blogs are represented 🙂


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