1. You open the DVD box.
2. You take the DVD out.
3. You stick the DVD in a DVD player.
4. You watch a DVD.
5. You take the DVD out of the DVD player.
6. You put the DVD back in the box.

Now tell me this…

Where in this 6-steps process do you scratch the DVD so it becomes unreadable????


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  1. tomaz

    eeehh…zehr zehr gut kvescn.
    I can help:
    1. ok
    2. you “grab” so clumsy that you left 20 fingerprints on dvd
    3. you insert it so careless that you make the first scratch
    4. ok
    5. repeat the step 2, step 3, you sneez, the bugger sticks to dvd, you wipe it in your jeans -> repeat step 3,
    6. repeat step 5 + add a lot of steps 2 and steps 3
    7. you ask your self, where did you go wrong
    8. you post your question
    9. you get the answer. 🙂


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