There is a reoccuring phenomenon happening in the mass media recently. The media is constanly rewritting the word Miss (as in Miss Universe, Miss of Slovenia…), spelling it with a single S.

I ask you – Are they out of their fucking minds??

and I answer…

Miss comes from the word mistress, indicating a young lady or (originally) an unmarried woman (source The slovene language adopted this word, mostly because Miss is short and catchy and the slovene word for the same object – GOSPODIČNA – sounds silly (I guess. Cannot find another reason for adopting an english word when you have a perfectly decent slovene equivalent).

Recently, that word is being mauled and rewritten with a single S. Which is wrong on many levels. For one, MIS does not mean anything neither in slovene or english. In slovene it actually looks like a misspelled word since a slovene word for mouse is MIŠ.

All in all, this looks like another failed attempt of a egomaniac journalists and editors who are trying to keep our language clean. Clean?