Recently I`ve been in contact with a lot of funny men. And women. Not a direct contact mind you, but through audio-visual channels. This is a review of all those contacts.

    Contact one – Stephen Lynch: Discography + Live from El Ray

I first ran into Stephen by chance. “What if that guy from Smashing pumpkins lost his car-keys” was short and funny. It mimicked the voice of Smashing pumpkins singer and told a story about a guy who is searching for his car keys.

I forgot all about Stephen until recently, when I saw “Cooltura” post on Blodnjak. And when I heared the man myself I was hooked. Literally. Mental note – never listen to Stephen Lynch on the bus. You will burst into laughter and everybody will look at you like you`re an idiot.

My off-the-bat highlights are:

  • Superhero
  • Grandfather
  • Priest
  • Vanilla Ice
  • Baby

…but all of his material is brilliant.

    Contact two – Comedians on comedy

A tour movie about a group of comedians trying to bring comedy closer to people. Cheap seats, remote places, that sort of stuff. The movie is a mixture of performances and interview that are done in-between shows. The thing about it I like the most is that the comedians are not a well-known type like Chris Rock or Jerry Seinfeld. And the thing I like even more is the fact that they do not laugh at their own jokes. They are dead-serious, telling their story. And that is also a part of their magic. The delivery of the joke. And the movie is one of those you feel like you could watch it on and on and on.

    Contact three – Chris Rock: Never scared

Do not get his jokes. Do not get him laughing at his own jokes. A waste of time. And to think that he won the best comedy show emmy award. Blah. Two thumbs down.

Any must-see/must-hear comedians I somehow missed?

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