Drugs on Olympic Games


Happens ever year. And even if they do not find anything, you can pretty much assume someone is doing something illegal. These drug scandals do not surprise me, because the pressure on the athletes is tougher than before. Sponsors, the media… it all adds up.

I am not taking sides with them. I think drugging your body to up your performance is not only stupid but also dangerous and completely unecessary. And someone should really ask himself why the hell olympic games are even staged. Is it because a group of junkies can then prance around, testing their newest drug?

If it was up to me, I`d close the Olympic games down the second I`d find something. Fuck it, if they think that taking horse hormone will make them bigger, stronger and more win-proof then they should think of a career change.

Of course that will not happen and we will continue to watch druggies run around the field, pointing fingers at each other.

C`est la vie.


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  1. Dragan

    This is almost taking dimensions of a national catastrophe here in Austria. Press conference of the Austrian team leaders held today was opening up more questions than satisfying answers.

  2. Mitja

    My comment is awaiting moderation. I wonder what that means. Have you erased the list of approved posters? Changed the posting policy? Or do you consider me too dangerous to post without explicit approval? Hmmm … I don’t recall posting any potentially offensive comments lately.

  3. Mitja

    Uh-huh. Last coment went through. Keyword filter? Because of mentioning drugs? Let’s see if this comment is blocked as well. I promise to stop experimenting after this, no matter what the result. 🙂

  4. Domen

    Yeah Mitja…no drugs policy 😀

    Just kidding, but I do have the word “drugs” in my spam filter since most of the times, comments containing it want me to buy cialis, viagra, both or something completely else.

    So, nothing wrong with your comments 🙂


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