You all know her. You do not know who she is, but you saw her around the block. Maybe more than just one time.

To tell you the truth, I think this photo is disgusting. And you can shout all you want about how this is the first woman who took off the burkha in Afghanistan and all the shebang, but the person who set this photo up is clearly missing a few wheels inside his/her head.

They posed the poor girl like she`s a fucking monkey! Like she`s some organguat from the fucking jungle, waiting for her morning banana. Those dead non-human eyes, no face expression, no nothing. Is she happy? Is she sad? Is she excited? Nothing! She just broke the cardinal rule of her society and what does she has to show? Nothing. Monkeeeeey.

This is the worst example of the cultural imperialism I`ve even seen. What`s even worse is that it`s coming from a magazine which promotes cultural diversity and united colors of…you know.

National geographic is going slovene sometime next month. And we got this planet-of-the- apes photo all over the city. Posters, billboards, adds…disgusting!

Shame on you, national geographic. You flunked at your own exam.

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