is a theater play that deals with different aspects of a woman`s life. The men are non-existent in this play, a mere biological/reproduction initiator or some voice on the telephone. The women are in charge and the play depicts them in different life stages.

The three actresses, Bernarda Oman, Karin Komljanec and Jette Ostan Vejrup did their job with style and grace. The whole thing is laced with balcan melos, where tragedy is mixing with comedy to create a tasteful cocktail.

We managed to get front row seats and at one point during the play I actually noticed the barrier between the actresses and the audience. How they managed to create an alternative universe, where the audience is only allowed to observe. There was a scene where two of the main characters were talking (the set is really minimalistic, three chairs, a table) while sipping their drinks and I started to wonder, what would happen if I just got up, walked on the set, took a sip of their drink and then went back to my chair. Ah, the world of fantasy.

The dialogues are not as funny as one would expect and as I said in the beginning it`s not an all-out comedy. Still, in the last scene, where there`s a funny moment, you could see that the actresses themselves were trying really hard not to break a smile.

All in all, a good show, one that leaves you with a smile and some things to ponder about. A perfect match.

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