While I was waiting at the bus station for Baya to go off work I thought about buying her a doughnut. There was a large queue at the cash-register and the clerk was arguing with some kids who wanted to buy alcohol. She said they looked under-aged (and they were short) and that she would not sell them the booze. The legal age for drinking in Slovenia is 15. When they wanted to convince her (again very poorly) one of the men waiting in line lost his nerves and shooed them out like a pack of hens (pack of hens? Flock? Bunch?).

Questions that popped to my head:

    1. It was 6 o`clock in the afternoon and they were buying booze? wtf? How addicted can you be?
    2. How did a x<15-teen (yeah, complicated) year olds get an idea in their heads that alcohol is good? I mean seriously…nobody seems to be asking that question.
    3. When they did not get alcohol…what did they do and where did they go next?

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