Recently, I`ve been involved in a (heated) debate over e-democracy. You know, just for the sake of it. The forum that has two more members (yeah I know…crowded, isn`t it?) has a very low tolerance level for my (provoking?) questions. There`s a couple of things that I won`t even understand.

Why does it matter if I have a degree or not? I mean, if my questions are that stupid, why not produce an answer that will show my ignorance and at the same time elevate your own intelectual superiority. Surely, the answer is known to you, lordth with a degreeth. Instead, with trying to discard my questions as irrelevant and “not worthy of answering”, one is only showing an even bigger degree of ignorance.

This self-reproducing intelectual elite really stupefies me. It reminds me of the dark age, when knowledge was reserved for the wealthy. And where status was everything, and nothing else mattered.

The thing that amazes me most is that these are not some old, senile doctors, but people my age. Is it really like that when you are “up there with the big dogs?” Everything is below you, you are the king of the world and if anybody dares to ask you something you apparently have no idea about, you destroy them with your all-mighty bibliography?

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