Recently, I`ve been having some issues regarding the work I do for the national television. Is television really for the mentally challenged audience, where everything has to be dumbed down and explained in VERY BIG AND FRIENDLY letters. Which is something I disagree with completely.

You see, my stance on journalism is that it motivates people. It inspires them to go out and seek things. Seek knowledge. And at the same time, journalism provides enough information which prevents it from being only a teaser. However, my own opinion on journalism does not include sentences like “nobody is going to get this you keep it stupid and plain” which somehow degrades my audiences.

Surely, theirs is the easier way. You treat your audiences like kids, you omit and exclude stuff and in the end you are left with a piece of random noise you sell as a feature-story. Which on the other hand is something that bodes with everything I believe in.

Is this the end of innocence? Is this the point when you look at the mirror and see not an idolised image but the brutal, worms-riddled truth? Is this the moment when you realise that you are making a product which must be attractive, no matter the cost? No matter the truth?

What`s your take on the matter? Do you like when TV articles are taking you for a fool or do you like a brain-teaser every once in a while?

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