When Grandfather Dies

11.02.2006  •  Osebno0

Stephen Lynch Album: Superhero Title: When Grandfather Dies * When grandfather dies life will be strange when grandfather dies my whole world will change when grandfather dies i’ll scream and i’ll yell coz i’ll be fucking rich as hell so grandfather die dont keep me in suspense Oh grandfather cough up that inheritence oh grandfather

Number 1 – Don`t take your wife with you. Number 2 – If you take your wife with you, don`t let her take her baby with her. In a pram. Seriously…these family-business-door-to-door people are really pushing the envelope.

A:…dobili boste tudi razdelilnik, ki se mu reče splitter…

A: What? What??? *smashes down the phone* A: Fuck this place! Everybody is out of on a coffee break! *pause* A: I am going on a coffee break. — A: Kva? Kva???? *vrže dol slušalko* A: Jemebti mater, vsi so zuni al pa na kofetu! *premor* A: Nč, grem na kofe.

You are in a rush. You have an exam in an hour and you are nervous. You pack up your wallet, keys but you forget your phone. Your phone! You notice it when it`s already too late and so you are constantly followed by a shadow of unanswered calls. You think of all the people

Yes, but is it cultural?

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It`s that time of the year. Again. I noticed that the problem of writing a blog for more than a year is that you are constantly faced with the same holidays and same things that happen every year. So one must be very resorceful in order not to copy-paste something he/she said exactly a year

“Danski časopis Jyllands-Posten, v katerem so najprej objavili karikature preroka Mohameda, je pred tremi leti zavrnil objavo karikatur Jezusa Kristusa.V razvpitem časopisu so takrat presodili, da bi z njimi lahko razžalili čustva bralcev.” (vir delo.si) — “The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten which recently published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed rejected publishing cartoons of Jesus Christ three

Well, it worked. Smoother than upgrading from 1.5 to 2.0. I did it all by myself! *proud* I did not notice any advantages but on the other hand…if the stuff looks the same, there are no visible disadvantages too. And that`s cool. Played with the template a little, please report any errors if/when you encounter

A: Zdej bom upgrejdal na wordpress 2.0.1. B: Joj, dej si en bekap naredi najprej. A: Ni panike…sam preoblečt se grem. Tega ne morš počet, če nisi v trenirki. — A: I shall now attempt to upgrade to wordpress 2.0.1. Hold on, this could get messy B: Do a backup first! A: No worries…I just


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The definition of a subculture: A social group with shared characteristics that distinguish it in some way from the larger cultural group or society in which it is embedded. Generally, a subculture is distinguished either by a unifying set of ideas and/or practices (such as the corporate culture or the drug culture) or by some