Sifry`s alert – Interesting and very predictable. And did you know that Michael went on the radio KAOS, talking about blogging (.wma, 3.28Mb)? Check it out! [german accent] He iz kuttink on my aktion! [/german accent]

Good luck and good night

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Journalism as the beacon of truth. As the knights of the order of (educational) light. Movies like “All the president`s men”, “El Salvador”, “Pelican brief” and “Killing fields”. And now…Good luck and good night. Filmed in black and white technic, it goes back in time to show us the America in the fifties, when senator

Jet Li. Fights. Cries. Fights. Cries. Fights. The end. Brilliant introduction, medicore middle, appalling ending. Luc Besson knows his camera work and Massive attack did a brilliant job on the soundtrack. Product placement is so obvious that even your grand mother is going to spot it. All in all – better than the last Jet


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Syriana could be subtitled Traffic 2.0. It`s one of those educational movies that deals with a hot issue and explores it from different angles. How everything is connected in this great world of ours and how every pull has its push. As a career CIA operative (George Clooney) begins to uncover the disturbing truth about

The Arab European league in Holland published caricatures that are supposedly offensive to the Europeans. One of them depicts Adolf Hitler in bed with the holocaust victim Anna Frank (source: The only problem is, are we really offended? I would imagine the reaction on “our” side will be completely different than theirs, since we

Pool-side talks

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A: I have to get this fat off of my belly… B: Oh come on…you can still see your penis, right? A: Yeah… B: See…nothing to worry about. A: Yeah, but that`s not cause my belly is small…but cause my penis is big! B: [almost drowns laughing] — A: Nekak moram spravit ta špeh s

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Another one of those subject which splits the world in half. Both equally blinded by some ideals they are shouting and throwing stuff at each other. Some denmark newspaper published caricatures of the Mohammed and the muslims went beserk. Rightfully. Making a joke out of a religion is serious. The published caricatures went around the

The Aristocrats! joke

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It`s a joke. Supposedly the oldest joke in the show-business. And it`s never been told in public. Because it is so filthy, so vile, so disgusting that (almost) any comedian who would dare tell it to the people would be booed off the stage and quite possibly killed or hurt by the offended audience. The

Take five guys…

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