This is a live transcript of a msn chat with baya while watching “Hostel”.


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Never go see a movie if the title has _ in it. Cry_wolf is a boring guessing game. Nothing more, nothing less. Stereotyped roles, stereotyped plot and stereotyped ending. No image, no content.

Tabloids make the world go round. You know it, I know it, it`s fairly common knowledge. The book “Operacija Direkt” (Operation: Direkt) which deals with a journalist switching from “serious” newspaper to a sleazy tabloid, supposedly for the money, only reaffirms this fact. Her four-month period as a journalist (if you can call her that)

…in disconnectability disconnectedness (and if that is not already a word, I take full credit for it).

…it was not all that funny. So you`re at half a loss.

…but I forgot all about it by the time I got home. Your loss!

Don`t you hate it when you work late, manage to get everything done by midnight (or at least a quarter past midnight?) and then you woke up at seven, not knowing what to do for an hour? There aren`t that many things that a person can do at seven o`clock. Going out is stupid, since

A: Pa poglejmo, če se bodo shapeshiptars…ahem…shapeshifters zavrteli na prvo mesto!

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According to Delo, a blog got nominated for the BBC Four Samuel Johnson Prize. Since the BBC was and is a strong supporter of the blog-based media, this comes as no surprise, but is still a very neat thing. The blog, Baghdad Burning, which is a very old and known blog, is nominated in the