I guess you have to talk about it. Since this is the biggest media event since Jesus Christ walked the sea. Or so they are trying to convince us.

I am not quite sure why all the noise. The current government is clearly not playing with a full deck which they proved many times over and now that they are (again) stating the obvious nobody should be that suprised.

And I know you “foreigners” who read this blog will say “What`s the big deal?” and show ample example of journalists being treated badly, but you have to understand…we did not know that up until now. Sure it happened, but behind the TV screen. These things were not made public. Which is why this is a shock both to the journalists and the viewers at home.

In Slovenia, some journalists think they are kings/queens. And that they should be treated as such. They still have their ears full of the magnificent words like justice, truth and honesty and they do not realise (not fully I guess) that they are but pawns. And that the sooner they start bowing, the better.

On the other hand, pushing a journalist and thus avoiding the question, is not a really bright thing to do either. But seriously…did we expect anything else from these goons?

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