The art of asking questions


We went to the event today. It was “EU meets its people” with commisioner Potočnik and vice-president of the european commision Margot Wallström. We were there, sitting in the first row (and this time I am positive!), listening to smart people. And listening to some really fucking stupid rednecks as well. How do I know they were really fucking stupid rednecks?

First off, there was a guy who said


Seriously…what exactly is the point? Thinking that you are saving the language? That you are the next Primož Trubar? And where was the question in that?

And he was not alone. Listen to this guy and try to make some sense out of it


For real people…get a grip!

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  1. ill-advised

    Frankly, my sympathies here lie with the person whom you call a redneck. The only difference is that I’m apparently a greater pessimist than he — I think the matter is hopeless and his effort is quite quixotic. I’m nevertheless glad that he is taking the trouble. As the woman’s comment in this recording clearly shows, we are abandoning our language for the sake of expediency. I personally consider this to be deplorable and reprehensible. And although I think that the situation is hopeless and the extinction of our language cannot be prevented, I welcome and salute any and all efforts to slow this process down.

    If the desire to be able to use one’s own language to communicate with one’s own politicians in one’s own country makes one a redneck, well, I’d better chuck that sunscreen and take up gardening this summer so that I can join their ranks 🙂

  2. Domen

    The first guy bothers me because he said nothing of importance. I think nobody is that ignorant that the guy`s words would make him see the light and listen to Helena Blagne for the rest of his days, never to turn an ear to anything remotely non-slovene. This is a typical example of someone who does not have the slightest clue what is going on, but he just wants to shot his wad off for a couple of seconds. If there would be a question in the end of his “critique”, then I would understand. But be it as it was, the guy to me is an idiot.

    The second is maybe less idiotic, but nevertheless manages to fall in that category. Seriously, formulate your question. Some people just love to talk and say nothing (I believe the biological term is homo politicus). And as it was said in the beginning that english is not mandatory but preferable to speed the process, I think the audience needs to learn a little bit about political culture as well.

    I do not see those two examples as communicating. I see it as creating a lot of noise and making love to your own voice. Both of which are totally unacceptable when you are involved in a serious debate. IMO.

  3. tomaz

    Both guys are extr. impressive in their stupidity:

    1. they both fail to speak proper english,
    2. they both fail to formulate logical questions,
    3. they both fail to understand the importance of the topic,
    4. they both fail to see other people points of views,
    5. they both lack minimum threshold of common sense,
    6. WTF are they doing in “politicial debates” w/ Potočnik?
    7. they both lack minimum abilities of “good practice communication”.
    8. etc..
    9. etc…

  4. sv3der

    I see a problem much more in one´s ability to speak formally and make some reasonable questions. I think that in slovenia, there are so many people, who are not capable to speak other way as homo politicus or like that guy on the last recording. even in their mother language. I am quite sure that last guy would have problems formulating questions, sentences, … in his mother language as well.

    if you just listen to some public debates on a radio or TV where people discuss some serious things, you will notice so much lack of formal slovenian. they for ex. don´t address their co-speakers formally, they don´t use right dual, they don´t use right or just never use genitive, … and often they just talk some bullshit and don´t answer the question, well, sometimes there is problem in those who pose the question, but nevertheless. for instance, slovenian language in parliament is worse than on a street, and how about language in the most popular newspapers. hmm, maybe are so popular that´s why 🙂
    but I am glad that someone spoke about situation in the country. as I am informed, things are getting really nasty down there, and I am just sick of that bullshitting about how better would be in EU and how better would be in euroland. well, for some of you/us for sure, but not for majority. and that´s what that poor guy maybe wanted to stress.


  5. Michael M.

    Hats off to the new mp3 plugin. Very nice!

    I have to say that the second comment is painful to listen to. I don’t mind poor English at all — I’m intimately familiar with the problems of speaking a second or third language. (sv3: If you really want to experience a linguistic massacre of dual and genitive par excellence, we should got out for a coffee one time. I can promise you that you’ll hear constructions you’ve never dreamed of.) But anyway, the problem isn’t his language, but the content. It’s a jumbled mess of nothing; vague complaints that might be legitimate, but are shrouded in babbling. There are good points and bad points, but he doesn’t have anything. It would be like standing up and reciting a poem you like — although that at least would have been an interesting thing to do.

  6. Simon Limon Ruši Gaj

    A mess of nothing, yet the nothingness does display the fact that Slovenia has quite a problem with democratic expression, and the first one even has a little point: let’s all talk Slovene here, if possible – the gods of EU should be able to take the appropriate amount of time the next time they want to parley…

    Language still is important.


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