I am sure that by now everybody saw Rebeka, a juicy peach from the Vipava valley. I`m sure everybody expressed it`s opinion on the matter, be it “Nekkid chick! Whoo-hooo!” or “You`re going straight to hell for that one!“.

The issue I am going to debate here will be an ethical one, however, it will not deal with the usual “what to publish and what to censor” debate. I think that boat sailed long ago since naked skin is present everywhere and sex is one of the major propellants of the marketing industry.

Before we tackle this issues, a funny (yet somewhat unrelated) story. This billboard is featured all over Slovenia and there is one on a certain crossroad on my way to the faculty. When there is a red light and the buses and cars are standing still, the billboard is only two meters away from your eyes. Practical. And it`s interesting to see the way different people look at it. Some stare at it outright. No question asked. Some turn their head slowly, only peaking at it. But group no. 3 is the best. They do not look at it at all, but when the bus starts to move, they quickly turn their heads backwards as if ashamed of looking, and look at the billboard just long enough so that they can burn the image into their brain. Or something.

Anyway…moving on.

The issue I will tackle here can be subtitled theoretical intelligence transformation syndrom. In short T.I.T.S. The concept which this poor peach seemed to abandoned when she took the photo-shot. Seriously, this girl tits are like utters. They are literaly hanging from her chest and as much as biology and simple facts of physics are taken into the account, the photo (at least for me) does not have any sexual energy nor it stimulates me to buy the magazine cause of it. This peach is bad apples. And the only group who should be protesting is “Bulimia prevention of Slovenia“. Crucial points – thighs, waist and arms. In short, her whole body.

As far as the “Oh my god, what have they done!” groups go, a simple quote from Larry Flynt.

“I think the real obscenity comes from raising out youth to believe that sex is bad and ugly and dirty. And yet, it is heroic to go spill guts and blood in the most ghastly manner in the name of humanity. With all the taboos attached to sex, it’s no wonder we have the problems we have. It’s no wonder were angry and violent and genocidal. But, ask yourself the question, what is more obscene: sex or war?”

Go play in the sanbox, boy!

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