Hey, don`t look at me! It`s not my fault nobody has been posting for the last two days. Seriously (and we can even count those two photoblog entries under the “Get the green square at si.blogs” category)! I even got a guest blogger and everything and yet the song remains the same.

First thing`s first. First anniversary of (un)holy matrimony came and went, with no casualites. We did not do anything special, since every day is special enough (Corny? Hey, it`s true!).

We went to Gverila teater improvisational theater on Sunday. They were excellent. The audience was not. Read about it at S stilom (slovene only).

Also some announcements. If anybody is still not sick of my lecture about blogs, feel free to visit Oton Župančič library at 18:00 tomorrow evening.

was television day. This time, I think we broke some kind of a record of efficiency. It could not run smoother. And let us hope that this time, they won`t get the names wrong, like last time. Supposedly it was because the guy doing the names forgot his glasses. I mean seriously…forgot his glasses??

I also found this funny poster.

The direct translation would be “Oprah keeps losing weight” but it can also be translated as “Oprah keeps getting worse”. Which is something everybody knows but is still something no newspaper would put on their front page. The wonders of slovene language, huh?

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