One of my first memories I have about movies is the movie Predator. There is a scene in it where Arnold Schwarzenegger gets out of the helicopter and picks up…a duffel bag.

It`s not a crucial moment of the movie and duffel bags are all over the place (just see “8 heads in a duffel bag” by Joe Pesci) but to me, duffel bag was always much cooler than a backpack or a suitcase. Number one, it bends more than one way. Which is cool if you are travelling by train or a bus. Suitcases are just so clumsy. Number two, extra pockets. Where you can stuff things you need extra fast and you do not have time to rummage through the whole bag. Number three, the coolness factor. Self-explanatory.

Of course, all these cool qualities of a duffel bag tend to worn the bag out. And then it is time to buy a new one. So yesterday, we went shopping. Which sounds easier than it was.

You see, during the time that passed from my initial buy, duffel bags mutated into bags that you can stuff a cow in and still have space for a little tank. Which is something that goes against “practical” as well as “cool”. So that is why I decided to go italian. Article 7202 to be precise.

Now all I need is a train, remote location and time to test this baby out. When`s the next holiday?

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