Don`t you hate it when you work late, manage to get everything done by midnight (or at least a quarter past midnight?) and then you woke up at seven, not knowing what to do for an hour?

There aren`t that many things that a person can do at seven o`clock. Going out is stupid, since my schedule begins at nine. Walking around the apartment, humming stephen lynch`s lyrics quietly is just….fucking dumb.

So funny. When you are busy you can think of thousand other things to do beside the thing you are actually doing. But when you have absolutely nothing to do, those thousand things just float away and you are left with an empty notebook.

Speaking of funny things…recently, I got a book of smartass remarks (and the title itself is another smartass remark by Baya) and there are some perls of wisdom hidden between all that…erm…ass.

We spend so much money on the military, yet we`re slashing education budgets throughout the country. No wonder we`ve got smart bombs and stupid fucking children” – Jon Stewart

These guys are against abortion, because birth is a miracle. Popcorn is a miracle too, if you do not know how it`s done!” – Elayne Boosler

I am amazed at radio DJs today. I am fimly convinced that AM stands for Absolute Moron. I won`t tell you what the FM stands for” – Jasper Carrott

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