…in disconnectability disconnectedness (and if that is not already a word, I take full credit for it).

Since today is one of those days where life hands you lemons and your juicer broke down I decided to go hunting for blogs in the slovene part of the forest. Which basically means I kept refreshing si.blogs directory and checking two “major” slovenian blog providers, Delo (labour) and Večer (evening) – an off-topic remark – wtf is with the newspapers names in Slovenia? – and we`re moving on and I noticed that stuff keeps repeating. Same subjects are being debated over and over again with no apparent progress or development. The first that comes to my mind is “Why is a blog blog? Why don`t we invent a highly improbable to catch on slovene word and try to push it into the open, quoting Jonas as we go“. Which is something I would label, as the slovene proverb goes, “Inventing hot water”. The communication is broken and we are again looking at the stone age, where different groups of people (blogroll buddies) invented same things over and over again with no notion of the other groups. Which is the best way if you want to keep everybody looping back to the same problem that has no single point solution and therefor is better left on its own. We can all see where this new post frenzy leads to. It lets to creating unnecessary noise and it leads to chaos. And chaos, my friends, is not good.

How to solve this? How to make people more aware of each other and how to persuade them that blog is a community tool rather than “an isolated room where you can scream”?

To achive that I think that blog-software-offering servers (my oh my) should forget if only just for a second that “No blog is an island, entire of itself…” and should encourage interrracial (?) linking and notiftying their users that there is a whole other world out there. It is true that you cannot expect that people will weed through the entire blogosphere just to see if someone already wrote about that nasty rash between your pinky and your ring finger but maybe, just maybe, there would be some pointers that would lead to the all mightly “is it a blog or is it something else” debate where an individual could post his/her own remarks, without having to open up a whole brand new post.

Some of you may argue that diversity is what makes the blogs go. What makes the blogosphere turn around. I agree. But will you settle for turning around the same corner for the eternity to come? The idea of a groundhog day does not appeal to me. And I would much rather see a smaller number of blogs that deal with unique contents than an echo that bounces through the blogosphere, drowning everything else in its own noise.

The current blog expansion trend is still positive (doubling every five months). Where and how will it end? An interesting question poses – what will we do when we run out of space? I know it`s a long shot, but in honor of Stanislaw Lem, let`s toy with the idea. How will we divide and conquer? Where`s the criteria? Most read? Best written? Most nude photos? I don`t know!

Because it has to end sometime. All things have to come to an end. They can evolve or devolve, but they must end. I know it is way too early to be gloomy and all “thy end is near” but these are things that go through my mind from time to time. Bare with me.

Apart from (current) disconnectability the problem with the blogosphere is not so much with content (we all know blogs are full of gems of knowledge) but with the very limited effect a certain blog post has. The speed of communication is staggering and as much as speed is usually a virtue, especially when it comes to communicating with the rest of the community, the blogs are actually crippled by it. Speed kills. Blogs are not immune to it.

Let us apply a well-known capitalistic model to the blogosphere. Where selection is executed through profits. Although the term “profits” applies poorly to blogs (since there are really really really scarce blogs out there which actually make serious money by content and/or ads), we can see that in such a case, the big boys like Boingboing and Engadget and PostSecret will survive while the worms like the L files will go down under. But then again…what exactly does make a certain blog big? The readers or the content? The two terms do not single each other out. Are blogs pop or hard core?

Diversity model explains a whole lot better why there are so many blogs still standing, despite the fact that they post similar stuff and that they do not offer a unique commentary on a certain subject. Mind over matter. And of course, people are still excited abou t it. Remember the three months rule.

Last but not least, there`s chaotic model. Shit happens. So do blogs. End of story.

All in all, it will be very interesting to see how the whole blogging business turns out. Who will be the last man standing? And who will be lying dead?

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