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B: Če si iz Maribora to sicer ni greh, lepo pa tud ni. — B: It`s not a sin to be from Maribor, but it ain`t nice either.

One of my first memories I have about movies is the movie Predator. There is a scene in it where Arnold Schwarzenegger gets out of the helicopter and picks up…a duffel bag. It`s not a crucial moment of the movie and duffel bags are all over the place (just see “8 heads in a duffel

Blood in the morning.

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Joaquin Phoenix IS Johnny Cash. Ahem. Allow me to elaborate. I first saw the original Johnny Cash in an episode of Renegade. Little did I know of his famous musical opus and his legendary songs. At that time, “Ring of fire” was just another hick song for me. Time passed and my second encounter with


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Thanks, babe!

Rocket boots?

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I am doing a seminar for “The history of journalism” course and I chose the way Delo reported on the death of Josip Broz Tito. Among other interesting things, I also came upon this article. For those of you who are unable to read it, it tells a story about a parking lot that has